Blackbay’s Delivery Connect Enhances Customer Service for Zuellig Pharma


The deployment of Blackbay’s Delivery Connect has taken customer service to the highest levels for the Hong Kong operations of leading Asian healthcare services provider, Zuellig Pharma. Delivery Connect, a mobility enabled software solution specifically designed for the Transport and Logistics (T&L) sector, has been deployed as part of Zuellig Pharma’s Hong Kong & Macau distribution operation to meet increasing customer demand for real-time tracking, particularly during the last mile of the delivery journey. Additionally, Delivery Connect will meet any future requirements for electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) of goods.

Zuellig Pharma Hong Kong (Zuellig) chose Blackbay as its preferred supplier because it recognised that Delivery Connect’s multilingual and preconfigured comprehensive Track and Trace and ePOD features and functionality, deployed quickly and easily without the need for specific customisation, is a cost effective solution. Additionally, by meeting the delivery expectations of Zuellig’s customers today and in the future, Delivery Connect provides a significant return on investment (ROI).

The ability to provide a multilingual solution has been critical in allowing Blackbay to meet its objective of enabling the rapid deployment of Delivery Connect by its customers in non-English speaking countries. Blackbay understands the importance of working closely both with customers and partners to ensure translations are correct and are of the highest possible standard.

Delivery Connect was fully up and running within three months, allowing Zuellig to provide its customers with transparency and visibility of their orders at each stage of the delivery process.

“We are continuing to work with Zuellig to determine how best its operation team can further enhance the existing Delivery Connect solution by implementing our Business Intelligence and Reporting capabilities. This will give Zuellig a real competitive advantage by offering new delivery services which build on the levels of visibility and tracking capabilities we have all become to expect in the B2C market, and which B2B customers now demand.” said Nigel Doust, Blackbay’s CEO.

“Due to our experience and expertise, Zuellig’s distribution solutions have become an integral part of Hong Kong and Macau healthcare. We take that responsibility very seriously,” said Andi Umbricht, Chief Operating Officer, Zuellig Pharma Hong Kong. “The healthcare market in Asia moves fast and we continuously innovate and expand our solutions to help healthcare innovators build stronger and longer lasting connections to their customers and patients. Delivery Connect is helping us to do this.”

Delivery Connect, providing multilingual capabilities covering English and Simplified Chinese, now enables Zuellig’s delivery drivers to scan individual customers’ manifest details as they are loaded for delivery directly to customers, or to a distributor (cross docking) for onward delivery. Goods are scanned at each stage of the delivery process giving Zuellig’s distribution operations team complete visibility of goods throughout their delivery journey.

Zuellig is now able to meet its customers’ growing requirement for real-time tracking by allowing them access to the visibility, provided by Delivery Connect, of their goods during delivery.

Crucially, as many of Zuellig’s healthcare products are high value, Delivery Connect’s ePOD functionally eliminates potential costly and time-consuming issues around when, where and to whom a delivery was made for both Zuellig and its customers.

“Zuellig’s successful deployment of Delivery Connect is proof that Blackbay is meeting market needs for innovative T&L solutions which can be quickly and easily deployed ‘out of the box’, or configured to meet individual requirements,” added Doust. “Our ability to provide multilingual solutions ensures that we can meet the needs of T&L organisations across different regions. Pharma is a new market segment for Blackbay and Zuellig demonstrates the ease and speed with which T&L operational teams and IT professionals across all business sectors can deploy and then reap the business benefits Delivery Connect offers.”

About Zuellig Pharma

Established in 1922, Zuellig Pharma is the leading healthcare services provider in Asia with operations in 13 countries. The company provides innovative solutions including distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and clinical trial materials, sales and marketing outsourcing, patient-centered programs, payor solutions and a full range of retail pharmacy services. Privately held with corporate offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, Zuellig Pharma employs 10,000 people and serves over 350,000 doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and clinics across Asia.

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