Project BXM is a supply chain consultancy firm dedicated to enhancing efficiency and eliminating manual waste through the strategic use of automation and low code connectivity solutions.

Our Mission
At Project BXM, we're here to simplify software project delivery with our innovative people and processes.
We provide the ideas, tools, and skilled teams to help you build your unique intellectual property. We help you gain a competitive edge, while removing risk and waste with certainty.

Our Expertise
Our team is experienced in complex supply chain projects with legacy and cloud solutions. We bring a low risk, on demand project delivery service which allows flex in your delivery cycle.
You can blend our people with yours, and realise the benefits of an external innovation agency.

Our Approach
We are evidence led and first principles focused on problem solving. We don't show up with an uneducated solution.
Problems are unique. We bring an open mind, independently interrogating processes to eliminate costly waste in systems and roles.

How we help eliminate waste and grow demand:
As a certified partner of Workato, the top global iPaaS tool, Project BXM simplifies connecting data silos and APIs for a unified business view. A ‘single pane of glass’ to make educated decisions from. We integrate anything, including carriers, ERPs, TMS, and SaaS products easily with minimal coding. Our solutions support over 2,000 software products. By establishing a common data environment, you can harness the power of AI to gain deep insights that drive competitive advantages.

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Customer feedback:
“We’re very happy with Workato – it’s such an easy platform to use. With Project BXM, we built in 6 weeks what could have taken 6 months.” -Lem Prestage, National IT Manager – Southbase Construction

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Independent Innovation:
Innovation is in our DNA. Through extensive field research, we've developed modern interfaces powered by API connectivity to address real supply chain problems. Based in Australia, we focus on local challenges with practical, real-world experience.

Rail Freight: 5 providers. One singular experience.
Project Delivery: Run your own projects seamlessly in our novel platform
Order Fulfillment: Connect all your suppliers into one user interface with prebuilt automations for shipments, finance and carriers.