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Unfair Contract Terms - Updates and changes



 On 9 November 2023, the new Unfair Contract Terms (UCT) regime commenced – broadening its application and imposing penalties for breach.

Transport and logistics businesses should review their standard terms and conditions to ensure that they will not be unfair in circumstances where the new UCT regime applies.

In this webinar, Rigby Cooke Lawyers’ Julia Cameron, Partner – Corporate & Commercial, and Travis Johnson, Associate – Corporate & Commercial, cover the key aspects of the new UCT regime and highlight what you need to know to ensure enforceability and avoid significant penalties for non-compliance.

In Rigby Cooke Lawyers’ latest Transport & Logistics news alert, Travis Johnson sets out some examples of key issues to look out for and change that will help you comply with the new UCT regime, as well as a link to a previous article that summarises the changes and outlines the key concepts of the UCT regime.

Cost Centre to Competitive Advantage: How to Quickly Improve Labour Productivity in the Warehouse


Transform your warehouse from a cost centre to a competitive advantage! Improve labour productivity, boost service levels and fuel sustainable business growth. This interactive webinar focusses on ways to help you get more out of the biggest single cost in your warehouse operations – your workforce, while maintaining or even improving service levels. As operational costs continue to remain elevated with increasing wages, high energy prices, talent shortages, and ever evolving customer demands, warehouse operators are looking for innovative ways to reduce costs and maintain profitability. Applying best practice and digital technology to improve labour productivity is an effective way of achieving rapid cost savings, without requiring capital investment into real estate, equipment, or automation.


Supply Chain of the Future with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Join us for Part 2 of 3 webinars! Change is the only constant in supply chain and often can cloud our visibility.

Leaning on recent industry research we examine the need for accepting change and the importance of discovery as two foundations to help supply chain teams move forward and succeed in their use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

How are organisations coping with supply chain disruptions past and future? 


A unique webinar event where we discuss and review ways leading organisations have helped their organisations meet these continuing challenges and developed effective solutions that equip them for future disruption that boost their growth and optimization in operations. 


How a Digital Twin Leads to Better Supply Chain Decisions 


Smart companies focus not just on gathering data, and figuring out how to filter and analyse it, but how to use it to make better, faster, more informed decisions with a digital twin. Discover how a Digital Twin can be utilised in Supply Chain Planning & Optimization to drive better results with less effort. 


Biarri: Supply chain planning under uncertainty - setting the right objective 


Supply chains grow in complexity every year. But modern supply chains aren’t just complex - they are also subject to a high degree of uncertainty. Customer demand can shift rapidly; facility throughput or transport capacity can be impacted by unexpected events; supply side disruptions are commonplace. Planning and operating these supply chains is not for the faint of heart.

Speaker: David Lynch, Supply Chain Lead, Biarri


Thought Leadership Series #2: Engagement in the workforce 


Webinar coming shortly 

Our second instalment of the SCLAA Thought Leader Series with Sarah Morgan is for those members of our association and their guests who understand the importance of engagement in the workforce. Studies show that up to 70% of employees are disengaged putting productivity and profitability at risk. 



National Partner, Ligentia on the COVID Response - An Insider's View. Looking at how the State and Federal Health Department dealt with the initial response and a view on PPE and Vaccine Distribution.

Speakers: Peter Melville, Julian Brancaccio (HOST)

Learn more about MobileDOCK could assist your business with the following speakers and a Q&A discussion session.


Airports use air traffic control to effectively and efficiently schedule aircraft movements and manage access to their limited number of boarding gates.

MobileDOCK provides destinations including Distribution Centres, City Precincts and other hubs of logistics movements with the same benefits of reduced congestion, improved visibility, safety and efficiency.

SCLAA invites you to a webinar to learn how Officeworks and Barangaroo use MobileDOCK to drive efficiencies for their operations.

Speakers: David Sanders, Darren Hutchinson, Mark Hedges, Rakesh Bandipelli (HOST)

How to gain, retain and enhance employees performance in this new world


This webinar provides four steps Supply Chain Professionals can take to gain, retain and enhance employee performance in this new world. Hiring employees and retaining them in this market is tough. Wages are rising and competition for good quality is tough. Learning some simple steps you can take to overcome this situation and scale into the future

Presenter: Brad Jeavons

A Graduate's Guide to Navigating Supply Chain & Logistics - insights, tips and support for your career and opportunities


A deep 3-perspective dive into what the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry holds for graduates. What is it like upon entering the workforce? What do employers want? How are we educating them?

One Woman's Journey Through Disruption


Supply Chain Professional, Emily Mineo, takes us on a journey of recent disruption in her career. Not only is it challenging when people do not understand what your job function is or what it is you are studying, then there are circumstances that challenge even the strongest of us. There are ways to handle this, change your mindset and handle the situation in such uncertain times. Emily take us on that journey

Navigating Working Remotely in the Supply Chain


In a time of uncertainty and change, with our physical working environment shifting, never has there been a time where leadership of self and others has been more important.

How to create your best ever perfect resume


As a follow-up to the recent National Skills Crisis event the SCLAA is also keen to further assist members and non-members, job holders, seekers and employers by offering a webinar which will assist people to create compelling (or their perfect?) resumes when applying for a new role no matter what their current situation.


Our members are offered access to 60+ hours of webinar viewing, covering a wide range of topics and themes within the Supply Chain Industry including:

  • "Advanced online workshop for Operational Leadership excellence"
  • "A Thought Leadership event: Transforming Supply Chains using 'IOT'"
  • "The future of Global Freight Logistics Management post-COVID"
  • "Increasing warehouse productivity through Smart Technology"